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A Library Guide Celebrating De La Salle

Intended as a resource for an introductory set of lessons about St. John Baptist de La Salle, this library guide collects online resources from various parts of the internet.

It was put together as a commemoration of the life and legacy of De La Salle and the tricentenary of his death in 2019.


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A Little More Information

The librarian at La Salle Academy (Providence, RI) and a Freshman Religion teacher developed this resource for a collaborative class research project, with the goal of exposing students to many perspectives of the Lasallian miracle. The hope is that each student group will become “experts” in the information contained in their chosen source and that the process of collective sharing will be interesting for all.

The sources were gathered into this online Library Guide, providing a wonderful variety of links that may be explored by many Lasallians.