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Reflection on De La Salle

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Excellent introduction to St. John Baptist de La Salle, his spiritual foundations, and his ongoing impact on the Institute he founded.

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A Little More Information

In this short video, Br. Gerard Rummery, FSC, provides an answer to the question: “If you were sitting around with some people who didn’t know anything about De La Salle or Lasallian schools, and they asked you who this De La Salle character was, and who these De La Salle Brothers (called Christian Brothers in the U.S.) were, what would you say?”

Br. Gerard gives a succinct answer that addresses all of the major elements of De La Salle’s spiritual momentum, relating his own growing appreciation of how this Patron Saint of Teachers influenced his life and the life of the early Brothers, and how his personal vision and commitment continue to influence us today.

1989 (?)

(7 minutes)

Film Maker: Robert Rothgery & Gery Short