If you are new to the Lasallian world, and even perhaps to the educational world, the whole thing may seem a be a bit daunting. But don’t despair! That’s exactly how De La Salle and the first Brothers began. You’re in good company.

Here are some things you can check out quickly to become a bit more familiar with it all. For further recommendations, look further down the page.

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1. The “Inspiration” video will give you an overview of how one videographer, without past experience or agendas, came to understand what the Lasallian world was all about, simply by going around Lasallian sites, filming and asking questions. Also check out the “Reflections” video, where Br. Gerard Rummery talks simply and directly about St. John Baptist de La Salle and the Brothers, and why he has been so captivated by their experience over the years.

2.  If you just want to have a written overview of basics, then start with the booklet “ John Baptist de La Salle: Founder, Educator, Saint.” You can also take a virtual tour of De La Salle's world and life on the DLSFootsteps website and/or read the Footsteps booklet that accompanied the DVD version of the website.

3.  There are also resources about Prayer, the SFNO Website, or Regional Website, or International Website, and a Lasallian Glossary that is helpful in knowing the unique terms, acronyms, and names associated with the organization.


If you want a really readable introduction to St. John Baptist de La Salle and the characteristic "Lasallian" aspects of education, then Touching the Hearts of Students is an accessible, enjoyable weekend read.

Below is a slider with a dozen different resources that may feed your "newcomers" interest and provide just enough information to allow you walk the talk, as it were.