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Touching the Hearts of Students: Characteristics of Lasallian Schools

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A compact biography of John Baptist de La Salle is combined with an overview of the characteristics of his educational spirituality in modern contexts.

Those who are Administrators or Leaders
Lasallian History, Lasallian Education, & Lasallian Spirituality

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This volume  is a resource for teachers, administrators, board members and all who are engaged in Lasallian educational ministries today. It reflects on the life and times of De La Salle and the early Institute and their significance in today’s educational world. There are questions at the end of each chapter along with a description of the Lasallian School as found in the tradition. The book contains an extensive annotated bibliography of Lasallian resources as well as a glossary of Lasallian terms. A model Lasallian Mission and Vision Statement gives any Lasallian group an excellent example of such statements.

(2nd Edition: 2002; 208 pp.)

Author: George Van Grieken, FSC

Publisher: Christian Brothers Conference (Lasallian Region of North America)

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HESPA H Lasallian History, Heritage, and Tradition
HESPA E Lasallian Education, Pedagogy, and the Schools
HESPA S Lasallian Spirituality and the Educator’s Vocation
HESPA P Lasallian Prayer
hespa A Lasallian Association

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This book provides a substantial history of John Baptist de La Salle in the first half, and analyzes the characteristics of his educational approach through the lens of two of his works, The Conduct of Schools, and The Meditations. Ten operative commitments are the results, which are then applied to contemporary school contexts.

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