Coordinators are those Lasallians who have  some responsibility for facilitating, animating or guiding a community's Lasallian identity and mission education. There may also be individuals who have taken on an unofficial role in that capacity. Or perhaps you are someone who simply wants to learn more about Lasallian history, pedagogy, and spirituality. Consider this page as a start in that direction.

The resources on this page are ones that either educate you a bit more deeply about the Lasallian mission, provide links to those things that you may want to use with others, or simply introduce the wider scope of the Lasallian world. This website cannot and does not provide every single resource out there. But we would sure like to know about them. So please email me with suggested resources to include on this page or elsewhere.

You should have already taken a look at several of the other "audience" pages - NEWCOMERS and EDUCATORS - since most of the items on those pages will not be repeated here, but they are part of the "foundation" for this page.

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