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Four-Week Lasallian Prayerbook

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This is a collection of morning, evening, and night prayer services, following Lasallian themes, arranged into a four-week cycle. Musical options and a variety of readings are included.



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Lasallian Prayer

A Little More Information

This four-week-cycle of morning and evening prayer services are arranged according to specific Lasallian themes, with coordinated readings, psalms, and prayers. They are shorter than the Liturgy of the Hours and deliberately designed for small group prayer settings. Musical options are provided for chanting the psalms and opening hymns. A night prayer setting is also included.

Themes include: Faith, Hope, Chastity, Apostolate, Community, Poverty, Consecration, Zeal, The Poor, Saints, Providence, Obedience, Love in Action, Thanksgiving, Justice, Presence of God, Association, Teaching, God’s Will, Reconciliation.


Author: Br. George Van Grieken, FSC

Publisher: Print-On-Demand via www.lulu.com