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Guide Book – www.dlsfootsteps.org

This is a redesigned 2018 PDF booklet that accompanies the www.footsteps.org website. It starts with a complete short biography of St. John Baptist de La Salle, and includes text, photographs, live links to videos and relevant website pages from specific locations in France associated with his life. Reflection questions for personal and group processing are also included. The booklet may be printed out or used on a computer or tablet, so that the links to videos and web pages might be engaged along with the text.

A Little More Information

In 2010, a website was launched that provided a virtual pilgrimage of all the significant Lasallian places in France that are associated with the story of St. John Baptist de La Salle, Founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, and inspiration for hundreds of thousands of educators in the world today. The project was supported by the Lasallian colleges and universities in the United States, and by the Christian Brothers Major Superiors. It features short videos with Br. Gerard Rummery, FSC, one of the best Lasallian scholars in the world, and includes online maps, 360-degree images, photos, and more.

In 2018, the website was completely redesigned and made responsive to variously-sized screens, from phones to desktops. It is now easily accessible to individuals and groups wishing to learn more about De La Salle online. This accompanying PDF booklet was created to not only include a narrative flow for engaging the website – with live links to the videos and the website pages – but De La Salle’s story is presented as a formative personal journey, or a formation journey among a group, with detailed guidelines for watching specific videos, reading particular sections, and providing supplementary information and discussion or reflection questions.

It is an excellent individual or group resource for walking through the virtual pilgrimage. We suggest that you have the PDF open on your screen in order to combine reading, viewing, and visiting online pages a seamless experience.

(2018; 28 pp.)

Author: Br. George Van Grieken, FSC

Publisher: Christian Brothers Conference – Lasallian Region of North America