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MEL Publications

This collection of small format monographs published since 2001 by the MEL Secretariat in Rome addresses various topics connected with the Lasallian educational mission by a variety of authors. They are very much worth examining on an individual basis, especially those highlighted in the description below.

A Little More Information

The MEL (Mission Educative Lasallienne – Lasallian Educational Mission) Bulletins are a collection of small format monographs published since 2001 by the MEL Secretariat in Rome, with the purpose of deepening various topics connected with the Lasallian educational mission and presenting its great variety and vitality throughout the world. Fifty-one booklets have been produced through 2014.

Below are some recommended ones that can be immediately used with groups, followed by some specific recommended booklets:

  • MEL 4 highlights the vitality of the Lasallian mission through examples of the wide range of very innovative programs and initiatives that are happening right now around the world.
  • MEL 5 gives the background and impact of Kids Help Line, the anonymous phone/web counseling service for kids 4 – 18 that receives 10,000 calls each week from kids in need.
  • MEL 7 documents the history and substance of the San Miguel Schools movement in the United States (up to 2003).
  • MEL 16 gives an overview of educational ministries in different geographical regions of the world.
  • MEL 17 looks at the Lasallian influence on catechetical instruction, its history, influential movements, and cast of characters.
  • MEL 25 and 27 both take on the topic of “Identity” with providing the context and the second “working documents for a workshop.”
  • MEL 35 shares one Lasallian’s “convictions about the Lasallian educational mission and about the formation that strengthens our commitment to this mission.”
  • MEL 38 provides both an informative and a challenging background for considering how “family” life today relates to Lasallian education.
  • MEL 39 takes a look at the “organizational dimensions of Lasallian university identity” as they have emerged around the world.
  • MEL 47 contributes to the development of an understanding of De La Salle’s impact on the theology of education.
  • MEL 50 brings a 2014 look at how one might rethink Lasallian education in light of current trends the our evident future.
  • MEL 51 “provides a frame of reference for the Lasallian mission and is a basic document “that is to be used for the formation of all Lasallians. It defines the mission, those who work in the mission, the basic constitutive elements for Lasallian formation and its contents.”
  • MEL 56 provides Leon Lauraire’s insights and experience about our “pedagogy of fraternity” and the Institute-wide understanding of fraternity.

Publisher: BROTHERS OF THE CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS 476, Via Aurelia – CP 9099 Aurelio – 00165 Roma Italy 2015