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The Duties of a Christian to God

A comprehensive “catechism” for both students and teachers, written by John Baptist de La Salle. This work was written in three volumes, each directed to a different audience and with a different purpose.

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A Little More Information

This pedagogical work of John Baptist de La Salle served as his catechetical text for training teachers and teaching students. It contributes to a better understanding of how De La Salle integrated the various parts of his mission to provide a Christian educational to poor children. “His use of a minimum of theology and his fondness for story in the material on Jesus, Mary, and the saints probably reflect an attempt to reach the minds and hearts of young boys.” The work is dived into three volumes:

  • Volume 1 is the catechism in continuous prose (500 pages).
  • Volume 2 is the same catechism in terms of content and organization, but it is in question and answer format (300 pages). It is accompanied by two abridgments, a longer one (127 pages) and a shorter one (35 pages).
  • Volume 3 is a collateral catechism on the subject of liturgy and worship.)

(2002; 497 pp.)

Translated by Richard Arnandez, FSC. Edited by Alexis Doval.

Volume 8 of Lasallian Sources: The Complete Works of John Baptist de La Salle, 2002.

Publisher: Christian Brothers Conference – Lasallian Region of North America

NOTE: This work is currently out of print but may be found in a Lasallian or public library.