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Collection of Various Short Treatises

A small book of inspirational texts that were put together by John Baptist de La Salle as a companion to the Rule of the Institute and meant to be regularly read and consulted. The oldest printed copy of this book that we have is from 1711, although its first publication was probably 1705.

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A Little More Information

This 2007 reprint of a translation by W.J. Battersby, FSC, is a contemporary printing of a small book from the early 1700’s that provided inspirational texts by different spiritual writers for the Brothers and those in formation.

From the Introduction: “As the title indicates it was an anthology, a variety of religious texts from different sources – Saint Bernard of Clairvaux; Saint Ignatius of Loyola; Nicholas Roland, fellow canon of La Salle at Reims and his spiritual advisor; Jean-Jacques Olier, founder of the Sulpicians; Julian Hayneufve, SJ, author of popular series of meditations, and others. One section consists entirely of passages from Holy Scripture. In the fashion of the time, contemporary sources are rarely acknowledged; most are freely adapted and pointed in practical ways to La Salle’s audience of teaching Brothers. The Collection was, in fact, intended as a companion volume to the Rule, a handbook which the Brothers could have constantly by them.”

(2007; 96 pg.)

Translated by W.J. Battersby, FSC. Edited by Daniel Burke, FSC.

Volume 3 of Lasallian Sources: The Complete Works of John Baptist de La Salle, 1993.

Publisher: Christian Brothers Conference – Lasallian Region of North America