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The Work is Yours

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An excellent biography of St. John Baptist de La Salle – his context, his life, and his enduring influence – by a major Lasallian scholar.


A Little More Information

Considered to be the best popular biography of John Baptist de La Salle in English, this work incorporates modern research to provide an illuminating background on the life and charism of the Founder of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. It describes De La Salle’s increasing involvement in a process whose outcome he’d never envisioned. This biography sheds new light on the enduring elements of the Lasallian charism—a reliance upon Divine Providence and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, a spirituality grounded in ministry, a practical effort to help the poor improve their lot, the application of innovative concepts in schools and other educational projects, and the ministry of the laity in the Church. The title comes from the prayer often said by the saint, “O Lord, the work is yours.”

(2nd Edition: 1996; 216 pp.)

Author: Luke Salm, FSC

Publisher: Christian Brothers Conference (Lasallian Region of North America)