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A virtual pilgrimage of De La Salle’s personal vocation story that includes videos, text, photos, panoramic immersion, Google street maps, and more. In 2018, the site was completely redesigned and made responsive to small or large screens. New HD versions of the videos were also added. An accompanying, dynamically linked PDF booklet takes individuals and groups through the journey via narrative, video links, and formative questions.


Those who are new to the School or Education
Those who have been around for 5+ years
Those who are Administrators or Leaders
Those who are responsible for Lasallian formation
Those who are interested in Lasallian research
Lasallian History, Lasallian Education, & Lasallian Spirituality

A Little More Information

This recently redesigned and updated website (2018) provides a virtual pilgrimage of the personal life story of St. John Baptist de La Salle (the Patron Saint of Teachers and the Founder of the De La Salle Christian Brothers). His story is essentially a vocation story from the time of 17th century France. The website including videos, text, photos, panoramic immersion, Google street maps, and specific personal vocation-related questions for the website visitor. Based on an actual pilgrimage of the places in France where walked and worked, it is the story of the educational movement that De La Salle and the first Brothers began in 1680 — an educational journey which is ongoing. Today, this ongoing educational pilgrimage has reached into some 84 countries and just under a thousand educational institutions — from hundreds of elementary, middle, and high schools, to a host of educational institutions for the underprivileged and court-adjudicated youth, to storefront educational centers, boarding schools, and over 60 colleges and universities.

Brother Gerard Rummery, FSC, provides a short video introduction for each location. All of the website’s information can be accessed in a variety of ways: via a travel map, a time line, De La Salle’s biography, or by individual locations. The goal is to provide resources that will facility individual or group exploration and “pilgrimage” opportunities according to individual interests or learning preferences.

There is an extensive interactive PDF booklet, available HERE, that provides both a summary of the contents of the website and a detailed accompanied educational journey for use with groups or individuals.


Film Makers: Br. George Van Grieken, FSC; Br. Roch Dufresne, FSC; Scott Sanbourne

Video Comments: Br. Gerard Rummery, FSC

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Print-based: Lasallian Books, Articles, & PDF’sVideos: Lasallian Videos, Movies, & DVD’s
Formats video Videos: Lasallian Videos, Movies, & DVD’s
Formats online Online: Lasallian Websites & the Internet
Formats programs Programs: Lasallian Programs & Institutes
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Those who are new to the school or education.
Those who have been around for 5+ years.
Those who are administrators or leaders.
Those who are responsible for Lasallian formation.
Those who are interested in Lasallian research.

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HESPA H Lasallian History, Heritage, and Tradition
HESPA E Lasallian Education, Pedagogy, and the Schools
HESPA S Lasallian Spirituality and the Educator’s Vocation
HESPA P Lasallian Prayer
hespa A Lasallian Association

1 review for www.dlsfootsteps.org

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    This is a wonderful online resource for Lasallians of all stripes. Students will enjoy exploring the journey of De La Salle by tracing his footsteps all over France. New teachers and veteran teachers will find the information and the exploration opportunities (photos, maps, etc.) fascinating. And Lasallian formation coordinators will discover all sorts of opportunities to use, and advocate others to use, different parts of the website. Rich opportunities all around.

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