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The History of the Institute

A five-volume, contemporary, well-written work that covers the history of the Institute from its foundations until the mid-20th century.


Those who are interested in Lasallian research
Lasallian History

A Little More Information

Published between 1996 and 2008, this five-volume set within the Lasallian Studies series is the latest comprehensive history of the Institute.

  • Volume 5: The Origins (1651 – 1726)
  • Volume 6: The Eighteenth Century (1726 – 1804)
  • Volume 9: The 19th Century (1805 – 1875)
  • Volume 11: 19th-20th Century (1875 – 1928)
  • Volume 12: 20th Century (1928 – 1946)

Author: Henri Bedel, FSC

Translated by Edmund Dolan, FSC, and Gerard Rummery, FSC

Publisher: BROTHERS OF THE CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS 476, Via Aurelia – CP 9099 Aurelio – 00165 Roma Italy 2015

Information about the original volumes in French may be found on the Institute website in Rome. English volumes are available from Mr. Abraham Tesfai at the Generalate in Rome (atesfai@lasalle.org)


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