Webinar – Integral Ecology: A New Lasallian Educational Project


Integral Ecology (IE) reveals that the ecological crisis is not a collection of problems to be solved, but a symptom of a deeper human and spiritual crisis. At its core this crisis is our lost connection to the natural world and our own origins. IE education is an approach to teaching and learning that seeks to understand the interconnectedness of all of creation and provide an answer to the present human and spiritual crisis. Recognizing that our spiritual needs are just as important as our physical needs, we cannot truly heal the environment without also healing ourselves. “Integral ecology is, pedagogically, one of the best generators of educational approaches that could be characteristic of the new Lasallian educational proposal” (Declaration on the Lasallian Educational Mission [2020], p. 100). IE education seeks to help students develop a deeper relationship with God through a better understanding of the natural world and the environmental impact of their actions. It also seeks to help students develop the skills, knowledge and sense of responsibility they need to protect God’s gift and live more sustainably.

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