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Meditations of John Baptist De La Salle

The collection of 208 meditations by St. John Baptist de La Salle, each in three parts, that cover a wide range of topics, saints, feast days, and matters directly related to the education of youth. It’s focus is on the person of the teacher and the spiritual dimensions of an educator’s vocation. It is an inspiring guidepost to anyone in the ministry of education. Some of the sentiments in 17th century theology. But much of this book may be applied to one’s own journey as a Lasallian administrator and the demands that the responsibility makes.



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A Little More Information

This volume contains all of De La Salle’s meditations. Written at various times in his life, these concise meditations were intended to serve as points for the Brothers to consider in their daily interior prayer. Though reflecting the ideals and practices of the French School of spirituality, they offer interesting insights into the beliefs and values of the Founder and serve as an inspiring guidepost to anyone in the ministry of education. The accompanying commentaries provide an excellent background on the historical period and the meditations.

The book brings together John Baptist de La Salle’s Meditations for Sundays and Feast days and the 16 Meditations for the Time of Retreat. Written for his Brothers to prepare them for their daily periods of private reflection and prayer, these meditations are especially suited for all persons engaged in the Christian education of the young. They concern themselves with the everyday realities in the life of a teacher.

(1994; 506 pp.)

Translated by Richard Arnandez, FSC. Revised translation by Donald C. Mouton, FSC, editor.

Volume 5 of Lasallian Sources: The Complete Works of John Baptist de La Salle, 1995.

Publisher: Christian Brothers Conference – Lasallian Region of North America