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So Favored by Grace

A set of seven essays that provide a deeper historical, cultural, and educational context for understanding De La Salle’s story and the educational movement that he initiated.

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A Little More Information

These seven essays provide a deeper context for understanding St. John Baptist de La Salle’s story and the educational movement that he initiated.

From the Introduction: “Although an innovator, De La Salle did not undertake his mission without being directly or indirectly influenced by the vision of his predecessors and contemporaries, who were also committed to the work of education under the auspices of either religious or nonsectarian institutions. For this reason, the scope of this volume has been extended to include an examination of those specific educational philosophies and programs which evolved in France and more generally in Europe, particularly up to the end of the seventeenth century.”

(1990; 193 pg.)

Editor: Br. Lawrence Colhocker, FSC

  • Dominic Everett, FSC – The Education of Teachers for Primary Schools in Seventeenth-Century France: Influences on John Baptist de La Salle.
  • William Mann, FSC – Peter Fourier: Precursor of John Baptist de La Salle.
  • Gregory Wright, FSC – The Parish School: L’escole paroissiale and Conduite des Ecoles chretiennes.
  • Gregory Wright, FSC – For the Christian Education of the Working Class and the Poor: The Heritage of Saint John Baptist de La Salle.
  • Richard Arnandez, FSC – Primary Education in France in the Time of John Baptist de La Salle.
  • Edward Davis, FSC – “A Grace and Sweetness of French”: The Vernacular in the Secondary Schools of France in the Seventeenth Century.
  • Yves Poutet, FSC – A Victory for Using French in the Teaching of Reading: John Baptist de La Salle’s French Spelling Book.

Published by: Christian Brothers Conference – Lasallian Region of North America

NOTE: This book is out of print but may be found in libraries or by searching the internet.