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Lasalliana – Volume 27

Published: May 1, 1993

The individual articles for this Volume are found below.


These sets of 2-page studies and reflections on Lasallian topics began in September 1983 and were published every year in three volumes up to 2001. Each volume contained 20 separate leaflets on specific themes or topics by Brothers and others from around the world. Many Brothers and others have benefited from these compact nuggets on various aspects of De La Salle, Lasallian education, the Institute, and the like. There are 53 sets or “volumes” of this publication, providing over 1,000 individual resources for perusal, research, and Lasallian formation.

A Little More Information

Below are direct PDF links to the individual articles.


27-1-O-35        Brother Clement MARCEL – Conversation between M. Gobet and the Brother who was an ignoramus.

27-2-A-117       Brother Manuel F. MAGAZ – De La Salle book: “Duties of a Christian.”The message in its title.

27-3-A-118       Brother Nelso BORDIGNON – La Salle, a road for you. Crowning of the work (1714-1719).

27-4-A-119       Brother Jose Luis HERMOSILLA – Attacks and Defence of the Christian Schools of De La Salle between 1697 and 1706.

27-5-B-122       Brother Bernard-Jean SIMON – A recently discovered letter of Blessed Brother Solomon (1/2).

27-6-B-123       Brother Bernard-Jean SIMON – A recently discovered letter of Blessed Brother Solomon (2/2).

27-7-B-124       Brother William MANN – Guide for Formation – 11. Continuing Formation.

27-8-B-125       Brother Jose Maria VALLADOLID – The Brother Martyrs of Almeria (1/3). 1/a. The Brothers.

27-9-B-126       Brother Jose Maria VALLADOLID – The Brother Martyrs of Almeria (2/3). 1/b. The Brothers.

27-10-B-127     Brother Jose Maria VALLADOLID – The Brother Martyrs of Almeria (3/3). 2. The Martyrdom.

27-11-C-119     Brother Gilbert BAUVIN – The Christian education programme. The school pastoral care team.

27-12-C-120     Brother Charles GATT – Twelve qualities of a good teacher.

27-13-C-121     Brother Rafael MATAS – The leader of a Lasallian “Faith group” is someone who … 

27-14-C-122     Brother Joseph PORTER – What a Christian school committed to justice looks like.

27-15-C-123     Brother Victor GIL – The Brother and the “Convention on the Rights of the Child.”

27-16-D-73       Mrs. Dominique VALENTIN – The shared Mission: Brothers, priests, laity (1/2).

27-17-D-74       Mrs. Dominique VALENTIN – The shared Mission: Brothers, priests, laity (2/2).

27-18-D-75       Brother Paul GRIEGER – Religious in retirement “consecrated and sent.”

27-19-E-62       Brother Donato PETTI – The educational and cultural work of the S. Paolo Institute of Religious Studies.

27-20-E-63       Brother S. JAMES – Nanban: A Center for street and working children.

NOTE: Below is an explanation of the “four parts of the filing scheme” for each article in Lasalliana.

Example: On an article marked 20-2-A-77:

  • 20 means that it was published in folder [volume] number 20
  • 2 means that it was article number 2 of this folder
    • In every folder there are twenty articles
    • This article numbering was added to the scheme with volume 15
  • A means the subject of the article is St. John Baptist de La Salle
  • 77 means that there have already been 76 other articles published on this subject before the present one.

General Subject Classifications:

  • O – General subjects – Miscellaneous
  • A – John Baptist de La Salle – Facts – His Teachers – Writings
  • B – Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools – The Brother – History and Current Events
  • C – Ministry – Educational Processes – Pedagogy – Teaching
  • D – Mission – Shared Mission – Lasallian Family – Association
  • E – Experiences – Witness – Happenings – Events