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Br. George Van Grieken, FSC – Workshop & Retreat Resources

Below are a set of resources that have been used for workshops and retreats provided by Br. George Van Grieken, FSC, and the Lasallian Resource Center in Napa, CA. They include sets of PDF handouts, Powerpoints, and other items that those who attended those workshops and retreats, or those who are interested in the same topic, may find helpful. As much as possible, proper attribution has been provided, and other internet references are cited.







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A Little More Information


2020 Huether Conference - "What Innovation Looks Like Throughout Lasallian History"

2019 Huether Conference - "Five Core Principles - History and Practice" (Br. George and Greg Kopra)

2018 Huether Breakout - "Called to Live Lasallian: Our Lasallian Vocation - A Sign of Hope for the Church and World."

2017 Huether Breakout - "Lasallian Formation in an Age of Technology" - Foundational Insights & Help

2016 Huether Breakout - "Confronting New Poverties" - Foundational Principles from the Lasallian Heritage

2015 Huether Breakout - "Formation for All" - Building the Local Lasallian Community


2018 LASSCA Breakout - "Educational Formation in an Age of Technology: Issues & Insights"

2017 LASSCA Breakout - "Lasallian Formation Resources and Needs"

2011 LASSCA Breakout - "Lasallian Vocation - What Is It & Why Should I Care?"


2022 Ireland Leaders Conference - "Lasallian Education: Resilient & Relevant? Post-Covid Mental Health of Young People"

2019 Johnston Institute - "Founding Story & Vision" (Br. George Sessions)

2019 APLEC (Australia) Talk - "What You Can Do in 300 Years"

2018 Lasallian Research Symposium Talk - "The Five Core Principles: Their Origin, Integration with Catholic Identity, and Resonance Today

2018 SMC De La Salle Week Talk - "21st Century Education: When Technology Meets Albert Borgmann and De La Salle."

2017 Advent Retreat (Contacts/Aspirants) - "The Spiritual Self in a Social Media World"

2017 Coaches Retreat - "What Does It Mean To Be a Lasallian Coach?"