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Lasallian Mission Overview

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A video of the Lasallian mission on the West Coast of the United States, putting much information and many insights into a relatively short time space.

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Those who are new to the School or Education
Those who have been around for 5+ years
Those who are Administrators or Leaders
Lasallian Education & Lasallian Spirituality

A Little More Information

An overview focusing on the Lasallian Mission on the West Coast of the United States, as described by Brothers, teachers, administrators, parents, and students. The video shares images from various school locations and captures snippets of information and insight from those who are part of the school community. After an introductory section, there are sections entitled Touching Hearts, The Teacher, The Vocation, and The Grace. While parts of it are a bit dated – it was produced in 1998 – the messages it contains remain vibrant and real today.

(8 minutes)

Film Maker: Scott Gibbs