2020 – Lasallian Spirituality Survey Results – REPORTS

This document presents the final results of the Lasallian Spirituality Survey that was conducted between March 6, 2020, and June 10, 2020. It was sent via email to all of the Districts and Delegations of the Institute.

There was a total of 41 responses received from all the Districts around the Lasallian world. The results provide an unprecedented overview of the various ways that Lasallian spirituality is being shared by a wide variety of cultures and educational systems. The generous response by Lasallian everywhere will help to shape our efforts to support and enhance the development of Lasallian spirituality in the future.

The results are provided in various formats:

  • LINK – English
  • LINK – Spanish
  • LINK – French
  • LINK – All submitted Languages



From the invitation letter to each District:

One of the major global concerns fort he Lasallian Family is developing a deeper understanding of, and engagement with, Lasallian spirituality. If the means for doing so are not developed, then a deeper understanding of Lasallian spirituality has little chance of being achieved. Some sectors of the Institute are more successful than others in this area. It is our intention that over a period of two years, an internat ional “think-tank” of diverse Lasal lians from a wide variety of backgrounds will develop and propose the topics, criteria, conversational catalysts, challenging questions, and specific projects that will benefit the Lasallian Family in general, those in formation or vocational discernment, and all Lasallians who are concerned about spiritual matters.

But we don’t have to start from scratch. Many around the world are already engaged in a wide variety of programs focused on a deeper understanding of Lasallian spirituality and have created many resources for the same purpose. Part of our project is to build that experience and that wo rk, so that it may become known internationally, and so that it may be a foundational resource for the work of this think-tank. We need your help for this project to be successful. In this first stage, we have developed an on line survey that invites each District or Delegation to share w ith us the programs and resources that have been helpful in creating a deeper understanding of Lasallian spirituality within your Lasallian Family. There are also questions regarding possible future programs and resources that might be developed from the center of the Institute or elsewhere. Our expectation is that by compiling the responses from around the world, we will be able to provide the think-tank with a solid basis from which they may begin their work.

Published: June 2020

Publisher: Casa Generalizia, Rome

364 Pages

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