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100 Short Quotes by De La Salle

This is a set of 100 short quotations from St. John Baptist de La Salle, taken from various writings during his life, and arranged according to specific themes. It is a worthwhile resource for displays or for prayer or group reflection.

Author: St. John Baptist de La Salle, Patron of Teachers

Compilation: Nicholas Hutchinson, FSC


A Little More Information

(Taken from the Introduction)

This compilation is intended primarily for use by schools. The 100 brief quotable lines from our Saint’s writings are gathered thematically. Use of this resource could be a practical means of enabling staff, students and parents gain greater access to the inspiration of John Baptist De La Salle, perhaps helping make more overt certain Lasallian characteristics of the school. Among these accessible phrases can be found:

  • words that can be quoted or incorporated into a school’s
  • appropriate phrases for use in PowerPoint presentations;
  • memorable quotes in preparing for Founder’s Day
  • a selection of phrases which could appear one at a time in regular printed staff bulletins and parental newsletters, possibly as a ‘pause for thought’
  • texts that can be superimposed on photographs taken in school that portray encounters and relationships, which are then printed and laminated/framed as A3 posters. This could be a challenging project for students to undertake themselves, and posters can easily be transformed electronically into cards and bookmarks.

Included in this collection are poignant phrases such as “touching hearts” (46,59,96-98), “the children of a king” (95), “know your students individually” (91), “show cheerfulness in your face” (79-80), “inspire and lead others by encouraging them” (81),“being on friendly terms with others” (71-81), “the friendship of Jesus”, (29), “God carrying us when the road  is rough” (68), “the miracles of God’s providence” (53), “seeing things quite differently” (54), “God has chosen you to make him known” (15-18), “thank God for his many blessings” (34-35), and “take pride in your ministry” (27). Even amidst the brevity of these quotes from 300 years ago, readers  will perceive that much is conveyed in John’s occasional use of the term  “disciples” (23, 44-47) in addition to “students”, of “guiding” (22, 42)  as well as “teaching”, and of “correction” (87) rather than “punishment”. Included is mention of effects of what today we call ‘body language’ (90).

The number of each quote has a suffix: ‘T’ being those passages applicable only to teachers and colleagues, whilst ‘A’ designates those that can refer to all—students and educators alike. With most quotes being only a sentence in length, the context may not be appreciated fully, but precise references are given, enabling the reader to discover more from the sources. When re-printing any of these quotes for the likes of posters, there is unlikely to be a need to incorporate the detailed source reference, but the name of St John Baptist De La Salle should be included, lest people assume that the words come from Scripture or, indeed, from the mouth of the head teacher!

Author: St. John Baptist de La Salle, Patron of Teachers

Compilation: Nicholas Hutchinson, FSC – August 2006