A Handbook for All Beginning Teachers

This little book was written in 1961 for new teachers – whether Christian Brothers or not – and provides guidelines, advice, along with do’s and don’t’s for their first years in the classroom. It has remained a little classic for many years.

While today’s classrooms are radically different, and technology has demanded a paradigmatic shift in teaching styles, the “basics” of being a good educator remain the same. Anyone reading this little work will be able to adapt and update its advice to contemporary times.

Published: 1961

Authors: Br. Raymond Williams, FSC

29 Pages



From the book’s FOREWORD:

The material contained herein is not to be considered a talisman for beginning teachers but only an aid in pointing out some of the major difficulties the teacher may face and the things he should avoid to forestall these difficulties. Limited space curtails any lengthy explanations of each point but it is hoped that the suggestions made are self-explanatory. Everything that happens in a teacher’s daily routine could not be covered but only the notable points were considered.

This is only a skeleton outline of do’ s and don’ts and it is presumed that the beginning teacher will make a self-application to fit his individual needs. The only way to learn to teach is to teach, but it is always helpful to know what to expect and what to do under any given circumstances. It is hoped that the points in this outline may be of some use in that respect.

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