2021 – Lasallian Speakers Symposium – ANZPPG

Three online professional learning symposia for Lasallian Educators.


The ANZZPG Lasallian Formation for Mission Team has created a program of three online symposia focussing on the 2021 Institute Theme: “You Are Part of the Miracle: Our Vision, Our Passion, Our Future.”

The format is a 30-45 minute presentation followed by a short period of facilitated discussion. There is one presenter each from Singapore, the Philippines, and the United States.

Details of the recordings are below.

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Prayer Reflections for Lasallians & Books from Br. Nicholas Hutchinson, FSC

The Lasallian community of Brothers and Partners in the United Kingdom have produced numerous resources over the years that have assisted in the Lasallian formation of groups and individuals. Below are four PDF booklets that are a resource for reflection and prayer for Lasallians discerning the way forward in today’s world.

One of those who produced a large number of resources was Br. Nicholas Hutchinson, FSC. His books continue to be published by Matthew James Publishing, and links to these may be found below. Further resources compiles or created by him may also be downloaded as PDF files below.

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The Spirit of De La Salle

A somewhat older 13-minute video provides a quick overview of St. John Baptist de La Salle and his spirituality.

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The Leavening Project – From the General Council of the 46th General Chapter

Here is the “Leavening Project” document that has been created and provided by the General Council. It was released in January of 2023.

This document and worldwide project is provided as a way to “deepen our commitment to what the 46th General Chapter indicates to us with great clairty, strength, and prophecy.” It is provided as a means to “continue to grow in the many experiences of fraternities, communities, and other vibrant intentional experiences that have known how to interpret the newness of the Gospel to read in faith the signs of the time in the Church of the 21st century, living together the call of Jesus Christ.” (General Council)


(LINK to the Institute’s webpage with further information)


– This short video provides an introduction to the Leavening Project and some of its implications.

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Lasallian Stories on the Road

This is the 2022 pastoral letter from Br. Armin Luistro, FSC, Superior General of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. It follows a long-held tradition whereby the Superior General provides pastoral reflections for the body of the Institute and all of its members. This letter consists of stories from real encounters between Br. Armin and those people whom he has met along the way so far.

One Year in Mission Together

This small booklet, created by the Solidarity Office, highlights 52 Lasallian mission projects throughout the world. Each of the 52 double-page spreads has a photo, a description, and a prayer.

Terre des Frères (Land of the Brothers)

These five videos – Terre des Frères (Land of the Brothers) –  commemorate the life of the Brothers of the Christian Schools in French-speaking Canada. While filmed in French, they have English subtitles and are a wonderful testimony to the Lasallian ministries there.

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2006, 2013, & 2020 AIMEL Reports

(Assemblée Internationale de l’association pour la Mission Educative Lasallienne)
International Assembly for Association in the Lasallian Educational Mission

The history of the Assemblies on the Lasallian Educational Mission began during the 43rd General Chapter (2000) when it was decided to hold “an international meeting of Brothers, Partners and Associates(Proposition 3) and an International Assembly for the Lasallian Educational Mission (Proposition 7) to be held before the next Chapter (in 2007).”

The Commission for the Lasallian Educational Mission (MEL) and the Commission  for Associates for the Lasallian Educational Mission designed the process for a unique event: the 1st International Assembly. To this end, the entire Institute followed a long and fruitful process of local Assemblies and regional Assemblies, culminating in the International Assembly of 2006.

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2023 Lasallian Spirituality Today

This short, accessible booklet was created by an international Think-Tank of Lasallian educators that spent three years in research, conversation, and engagement around the experience and dynamics of Lasallian spirituality today. It is meant to be a resource for ongoing reflection about the Lasallian mission by Lasallian educators in a wide variety of contexts. As such, it is neither comprehensive nor the last word. It is meant to invite and empower conversations among those engaged in the Lasallina mission, no matter their level of interest, experience, or responsibility.

Below are PDF copies of the report. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO OPEN THE PDF.

A video INTRODUCTION and HISTORY will soon be included in the tab below.


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Women in the Life of De La Salle

There has been an increasing appreciation of the role and influence of women in the Lasallian mission, and the impact of women in the life of John Baptist de La Salle.

There have been a number of gatherings of Lasallian women in various parts of the world since … The resources on this page have been provided so that all Lasallians may become aware of current activities, studies, and programs that enhance an appreciation of the role of women in advancing the Lasallian mission, both in the past and today.

We welcome the addition of any further resources or links that will further enhance this set of resources.


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The Eucharistic Revival – Our Role in Lasallian Education

Based in the teachings of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, this webinar led by Brother MarkEngelmeyer, FSC, will help educators effectively incorporate the Eucharistic Revival into their schools.

Webinar Video LINK.


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The Traditional Wreath
Advent Reflection Videos

These short Advent reflections are centered around the week’s Gospel, De La Salle’s meditations, and a contemporary application of their intent. They may be used for personal reflection, group conversation, or the like. (6.5 – 7.5 minutes long each)

Here are direct links to the individual video reflections and to a PDF with the readings:

Advent- First Sunday Video


1st Sunday PDF Packet





2nd Sunday PDF Packet





3rd Sunday PDF Packet





4th Sunday PDF Packet





Christmas PDF Packet






Epiphany PDF Packet





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