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NEW – Lasallian Themes

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One of the major accomplishments of this website was to upload and make available all of the 1,000+ Lasalliana articles. These articles provide a wide variety of interesting, important, and insightful information about the Lasallian family and its history, charism, and spirituality, created over a period of 18 years. Easily read and used, they remain fine examples of what good Lasallian formation can accomplish.

Equally valuable are the three-volume set of Lasallian Themes that were produced over a five-year period (1992-1997) and include 99 key words, themes, and ideas for anyone involved in Lasallian education. The “INDIVIDUAL ARTICLES” tab for each of the three volumes allows visitors to peruse and take a look at the specific theme topics, which range from Prayer or Humility, to Salvation, Justice, and Hymns.

In each case, a Lasallian scholar from somewhere in the Lasallian world has looked at all of De La Salle’s writings on the topic, along with other resources, and provided a succinct, readable summary for our benefit. When a topic comes up that deserves serious consideration, then going to this resource should be a first step.

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  1. Br Damien Kellegher

    Excellent work Br. George. Very appropriate fro schools , teachers and Brothers. Well done.

  2. georgefsc

    Thank you Br. Damien. It’s good to know that the site is welcome. If there are other resources (PDF, videos, etc.) that you would like to suggest for inclusion, please let me know.

    Br. George

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