By georgefsc  /  March 30, 2021
On the day of his Resurrection, Jesus Christ appeared to his disciples and said to them, “Peace be with you!” to teach us that one of the principal signs that a person is leading a new life, that is, an interior and spiritual life, and is risen with Jesus Christ...
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New Lasallian World Map

By georgefsc  /  March 6, 2021
Two new maps of the worldwide Lasallian educational community have been created. One shows Lasallian locations and statistics. The other includes hand-drawn images of Brothers involved in a variety of scenes in their ministries. Either map may be downloaded as a PDF file. There is also a link to an...
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By georgefsc  /  February 5, 2021
“Faith is the foundation of the hope that we have." [1] – St. John Baptist de La Salle – Many of us were very much taken by Amanda Gorman’s poem at the recent inauguration ceremony. It’s simplicity, rhythm, authenticity, and hope reverberated in the hearts of those witnessing the scaled-down,...
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World Day for Consecrated Life – Brothers Videos

By georgefsc  /  February 3, 2021
A group of twelve De La Salle Christian Brothers have provided videos and statements answering "what it's like to be a Brother in the time of COVID19?" The answers range from Singapore to Pakistan to South America to Africa. A wide range of answers and perspectives, but all around the...
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February 9 – St. Miguel Febres Cordero, FSC, of Ecuador

By georgefsc  /  January 31, 2021
Here are some resources that are available online, either via this website or others. ONLINE RESOURCES 1) There is a very fine video that was done by Mr. Ed Sirois for his school community. There are also a large number of videos in Spanish about him, including this one featuring...
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February 13 – Br. James Miller, FSC

By georgefsc  /  January 19, 2021
In the afternoon of February 13, 1982, at the age of 37, in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, Brother James (Santiago) Miller was shot several times by three men and he died instantly. Attempts to identify the assassins were unsuccessful. After funeral rites in Guatemala and in Saint Paul, Minnesota, he was buried in the...
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“Quaranteen Voices” Released

By georgefsc  /  January 15, 2021
Student Filmmakers & COVID   Wednesday, January 27, 2021, is the premiere of "Quaranteen Voices" - short films that were created by Lasallian students about the experience of COVID in their lives. A trailer is located HERE, and the website is this one: NOTE: You must RSVP for this premiere HERE. Based...
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Uploaded Huether 2020 Breakouts

By georgefsc  /  December 16, 2020
Two breakout sessions are now available to be viewed on the Lasallian Resource Center. HUETHER 2020 - What Innovation Looks Like Throughout Lasallian History Creativity and innovation have been hallmarks of Lasallian education throughout its 340-year history. From the early decisions that De La Salle and the Brothers made in...
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Lasallian Advent Calendar

By georgefsc  /  December 1, 2020
Check out the Advent Calendar that features a variety of Lasallian videos. Each day provides a video that you may not have seen. One will be revealed on each day of Advent, so come back and see what shows up.
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By georgefsc  /  December 1, 2020
“Because you have to prepare the hearts of others for the coming of Jesus Christ, you must first of all dispose your own hearts to be entirely filled with zeal, in order to  render your words effective in those whom you instruct.” [1] -  St. John Baptist de La Salle ...
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New Institute Documents

By georgefsc  /  November 16, 2020
We have been provided with a host of new documents from the Institute during the year of 2020. They cover a variety of important topics and are the result of much study, reflection, and thoughtful writing by international groups of Lasallians. Each document enhances a deeper  understanding of the Lasallian...
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By georgefsc  /  October 30, 2020
“It is surprising that most Christians look upon decorum and politeness as merely human and worldly qualities and do not think of raising their minds to any higher views by considering them as virtues that have reference to God, to their neighbor, and to themselves.” -  St. John Baptist de...
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By georgefsc  /  October 1, 2020
“You must win them over to practice the maxims of the holy Gospel, and to this end you must give them means that are easy and accommodated to their age. Gradually accustomed to this practice, when older they will have acquired these maxims as a kind of habit and will...
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October 9, Saint Jaime Hilario, FSC, and the Martyrs of Turon

By georgefsc  /  September 20, 2020
Here are some resources that are available online, either via this website or others. These used to be two separate commemorations - that of Br. Jaime Hilario, and that of the Brother Martyrs of Turon. They are now commemorated together on the same date. ONLINE RESOURCES 1) There is a...
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September 27 – Blessed Brother Scubilion, FSC

By georgefsc  /  September 19, 2020
Here are some resources that are available online, either via this website or others. ONLINE RESOURCES 1) There is a video that were done by Mr. Ed Sirois for his school community. 2) There is a book that provides the story of his life. 3) Further online information and links may be...
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