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Teaching Units for Lasallian Schools

These are complete Lasallian teaching units for high school students. Each level has a one-week set of all the resources needed to teach the classes. Created in 1998, they can be easily adapted and supplemented with videos and other more contemporary material. It’s a good place to start!

See the longer description below for a breakdown of the units.

Project Coordinator: Br. George Van Grieken, FSC
Editor: Greg Kopra
Those who are new to the School or Education
Those who have been around for 5+ years
Those who are responsible for Lasallian formation
Lasallian History, Lasallian Education, & Lasallian Spirituality

A Little More Information

This set of teaching units for high school students was created by a team of Lasallian educators in 1998, and many parts of it are still in use in Lasallian schools across the country. There is a week-long set of teaching units for each grade levels. Everything needed for preparing the classes is provided. The subject breakdown is below:

Freshmen: You Belong

  1. Day One: You Belong to the Human Family.
  2. Day Two: You Belong to a Learning Community.
  3. Day Three: You Belong to a School Community.
  4. Day Four: You Belong to a Worldwide Lasallian Community.
  5. Day Five: You are Invited to Belong to a Community of Faith.

Sophomores: Your Dignity

  1. Day One: Dignity – You Got It.
  2. Day Two: Dignity – It Matters.
  3. Day Three: Dignity – Find It.
  4. Day Four: Dignity – Affirm It.
  5. Day Five: Dignity – Share It.

Juniors: Justice

  1. Day One: Vision
  2. Day Two: Identity of the Lasallian School
  3. Day Three: Justice
  4. Day Four: Courage

Seniors: Let Us Remember

  1. Day One: Sharing Our Story: Remembering the Presence of God
  2. Day Two: Growing Pains: Examining the Struggles We Encounter on Our Journey
  3. Day Three: Faith: The Role of God’s Providence in Our Lives
  4. Day Four: Called to Be Ministers of Grace: Examining Our Faith Response
  5. Day Five: Living Jesus in Our Hearts, Forever: Examining the Call to Serve


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