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St. John Baptist De La Salle: Journey of a Man

This one-man show by Michael Cook, now-retired professor of drama at Saint Mary’s College of California, presents the life of St. John Baptist de La Salle in an  engaging, dramatic, and comprehensive fashion. No one has ever done such a depiction of this Patron Saint of Teachers, and Michael does justice to all of the story’s drama, nuances, and sets of characters involved.

The production was written by Michael, his wife Jeffra, and Dan Cauthon, along with a host of other collaborators. It is a project that came about as a project taken on while he was part of the Buttimer Institute of Lasallian Studies.

Actor: Michael Cook

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Length: 1 hour 

(The entire 3-hour production, it is available at THIS link.)


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A Little More Information

This edited version is one hour long. For those who would like to see the entire 3-hour production, it is available at THIS link.

Actor: Michael Cook

Written by: Michael Cook, Jeffra Cook, Dan Cawthon

Theatrical Director: Dan Cawthon

Original Music: Jeffra Cook

Set Design: Michael Cook

Lighting Design: Walter Holden

Slide Illustration: Michael Cook

Sound Recording: Ed Tywoniak, Dan Kehoe

Costume Construction: Suzy Deal

Video Production: Scott Gibbs