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Senior Courtney Ford’s Keynote Address

This is a compelling talk at De La Salle North Catholic, a San Miguel School in Portland, OR, by a senior who speaks about her experience at the school, and who exemplifies the kind of student and student experience that the school strives to serve.

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A Little More Information

Courtney Ford, a graduating senior at De La Salle North Catholic High School Class of 2016, gives a keynote address at the annual Changing Destinies Luncheon. She speaks about her experience at the school and how her time there has helped her develop life skills in addition to a college-prep education. The school provides a unique educational experience with its Corporate Internment Program, helping students develop business skills, communication skills, critical thinking, leadership, perseverance, planning for the future, and time management. De La Salle North serves a racially diverse community of capable, interested, and motivated college-bound students from the Portland, OR area who would not otherwise have access to an excellent, faith-based education. 95% of graduating students are accepted to college every year.

(10 Minutes) 2015

Film Maker: De La Salle North Catholic, Portland, OR


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