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Lifting Students to God

This is a prayer resource for teachers that provides a format for personal prayer centered around specific students and their challenges, character, and/or specific concerns. Guiding questions, addressed in the presence of God, draw us into a deeper appreciation of their situation and focuses our prayer for that individual.

Author: Br. Michael Livaudais, FSC
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A Little More Information

This resource is an “invitation to view our students and our mission with the eyes of faith, and then a moment to consider and discern how God is accompanying us” within the context of a particular student whose cares, concerns, and/or character may be the subject of one’s prayer.

The kinds of students that are considered are the following:

  • The Popular Student
  • An Unhappy Student
  • Student Engaged in Destructive Behavior
  • Student Failing Academically
  • Student from a Poor Family
  • Student who is Absent a Great Deal
  • Student Succeeding Academically
  • Student I Need To Correct
  • Student who is Hard to Like
  • Student who May Be in a Faith Crisis
  • Marginalized Student
  • Student I Like Very Much
  • Student who is Depressed
  • Student who is Bullied
  • Student who has a Hard Time Fitting In
  • Student who is Over-anxious about Grades
  • Student who has Lost a Loved One or Friend
  • Student with an After-School Job
  • Student who Aggravates or Bothers Others
  • Student who is Hyper-Active or Has Learning Disabilities Student having trouble Balancing Activities
  • Student who is in Troubled Relationships
  • Student who is Unmotivated
  • Student who may have a Religious Vocation
  • Student is Experiencing Racial, Ethnic, or Religious Tensions Student who is Narcissistic or Arrogant
  • Student with Leadership Potential
  • Student Constantly Seeking Attention
  • Student who Appears to Have Given Up
  • Student Living with Violence
  • Student who is Angry
  • Student Living in a Dysfunctional Family
  • Student in a One-Parent family
  • Student who is Experiencing a Health Crisis