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Lasalliana – Volume 17

Published: January 1, 1990

The individual articles for this Volume are found below.


These sets of 2-page studies and reflections on Lasallian topics began in September 1983 and were published every year in three volumes up to 2001. Each volume contained 20 separate leaflets on specific themes or topics by Brothers and others from around the world. Many Brothers and others have benefited from these compact nuggets on various aspects of De La Salle, Lasallian education, the Institute, and the like. There are 53 sets or “volumes” of this publication, providing over 1,000 individual resources for perusal, research, and Lasallian formation.

A Little More Information

Below are direct PDF links to the individual articles.


17-1-A-67     Brother Anotonio TEMPRADO – Live Jesus in our hearts! Forever! 

17-2-B-82     Colegio del Carmen Community(Brazil) – Challenges facing the Brothers’ community: end and spirit of the Institute  -mission

17-3-B-83     Brother Kulwikila MBALA – From Grand Bigard and Bokriyc (Belgium) to the Regional Novitiate of Kinshasa. The Lasallian vocation in Africa

17-4-B-84     Brother Jose Maria VALLADOLID – The martyrdom of the Brothers of Turon

17-5-C-65     Brother Marcel DESHAIES – Our work of fostering vocations

17-6-C-66     Brother Thomas JONES – Perspective of a religious educator in a science classroom

17-7-C-67     Brother Philippe STIENLET – Lasallian pedagogy, a liberating pedagogy (1/2)

17-8-C-68     Brother Philippe STIENLET – Lasallian pedagogy, a liberating pedagogy (2/2)

17-9-V-69     Brother Pedro CHICO – The apostolic role of the lay teacher in the Lasallian school

17-10-C-70    Brother Pedro CHICO – A professional psychological profile of a Lasallian lay teacher

17-11-C-71      Brother William McDONALD – Shame and evangelization

17-12-C-72     Brother Dominique RUSTUEL – Catechesis and John Baptist de La Salle’s schools

17-13-C-73     Brother Celestino HERNANDO – Prayers of a Christian teacher (2)

17-14-D-40     Brother John JOHNSTON – Rheims ’89 – Opening address – July 3rd 1989

17-15-D-41     Brother John JOHNSTON – Rheims ’89 – Concluding remarks

17-16-D-42     Brother Hernando SEBA LOPEZ – Letter to the Lasallian Family (8). 5 – Different but associated

17-17-D-43     Brother Hernando SEBA LOPEZ – Letter to the Lasallian Family (9) -6. Let us build our future together

17-18-E-43     Brother Hernan PULGARIN – St. John Baptist de La Salle and the centenary of the Institute in Colombia

17-19-E-44     The Daloa Community (COTE d’VOIRE) – De La Salle professional training centre Daloa

17-20-E-45     Brother Richard KESTLER – St. Gabriel’s Hall -Audubon, Philadelphia – USA

NOTE: Below is an explanation of the “four parts of the filing scheme” for each article in Lasalliana.

Example: On an article marked 20-2-A-77:

  • 20 means that it was published in folder [volume] number 20
  • 2 means that it was article number 2 of this folder
    • In every folder there are twenty articles
    • This article numbering was added to the scheme with volume 15
  • A means the subject of the article is St. John Baptist de La Salle
  • 77 means that there have already been 76 other articles published on this subject before the present one.

General Subject Classifications:

  • O – General subjects – Miscellaneous
  • A – John Baptist de La Salle – Facts – His Teachers – Writings
  • B – Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools – The Brother – History and Current Events
  • C – Ministry – Educational Processes – Pedagogy – Teaching
  • D – Mission – Shared Mission – Lasallian Family – Association
  • E – Experiences – Witness – Happenings – Events