Lasallian Studies

These are historical and thematic studies regarding St. John Baptist de La Salle, his catechesis, pedagogy, and spirituality.


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A Little More Information

Br. Michel Sauvage, FSC, gained permission in 1991 to launch a new series, Études lasalliennes, to publish historical or thematic studies. “Its main goal is to deepen and spread the living tradition of Saint John Baptist de La Salle by dealing with multiple aspects of the Lasallian world, education and catechesis, pedagogy and spirituality, Church and society, history and other challenging questions” (Lasallian Studies, Nº 13, p. 267). The most recent publication (Nº 18) is Fragile Hope of a Witness: The Itinerary of Michel Sauvage (1923-2001).The volumes that have been translated into English should be noted, especially volume 13 (Lasallian Charism) and volume 17 (That Your School Runs Well).


Publisher: BROTHERS OF THE CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS 476, Via Aurelia – CP 9099 Aurelio – 00165 Roma Italy 2015

The printed volumes is available from Mr. Abraham Tesfai at the Generalate in Rome (

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