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Honneur a Toi – SATB Setting 1

This is a SATB setting for the hymn that is sung by Brothers (and others) to honor St. John Baptist de La Salle on celebratory occasions. The piece was commissioned by Br. George Van Grieken, FSC, in 1999 for choirs in Lasallian institutions, It was written in such a way that a choir could sing “around” the main melody being sung by a larger group (such as the students). A second composition was commissioned in 2010, but this time for choirs alone. For that version, Deke chose to place the melody within a challenging rhythmic context and rich harmonic style. Both versions are available on this website.

Other settings for the hymn (Organ, melody line, etc.) may also be found on this website.

Composer: Deke Sharon

Those who are responsible for Lasallian formation

A Little More Information

Honneur a Toi was first printed in in Recueil de Cantiques Anciens et Nouveaux (1889 edition).  It was one of two hymns composed to mark the beatification of John Baptist de La Salle in 1888:  “Honneur a Toi” [Honor to You] and “Veritable Ami de l’Enfance” [True Friend of the Young].

The author of the text of “Veritable” was Brother Idelphus, FSC, a well known translator from Spanish of the poems of Theresa of Avila and John of the Cross. He was chapel master At Passy.  And that the composer of the music was Brother Albert des Anges, FSC, successor to Brother Leonce as chapel master at Passy, who authored a large number of hymns and wrote almost all of the accompaniments of the 1889 collection.  Both Brothers were commissioned by the superiors to revise the texts and musical settings for the 1889 edition of Recueil de Cantiques Anciens et Nouveaux.

According to Br. Edwin, a French Brother who provided the history of the song in 1991 to a Belgian confrere via a letter, “It would be hard to believe that the authors of the  Honneur a Toi were not these two contributors”


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