August 13 – Saint Benilde Romancon, FSC

Here are some resources that are available online, either via this website or others. ONLINE RESOURCES 1) There is a video that were done by Mr. Ed Sirois for his school community. 2) There is a book that provides the story of his life. 3) Further online information and links may be found at Wikipedia. There is also a French Wikipedia entry. 4) Various kinds of artwork are collected on this Google Photos album. … Read More


When the students begin to write, it will be useful and appropriate to give them a stick of the thickness of a pen to hold. On the sticks, there will be three grooves,  two on the right and one on the left. These grooves indicate the places where the three fingers should be placed. This teaches the students to hold the pen properly in their fingers and makes them hold … Read More


Photo by Rosie Kerr on Unsplash To whom ought we to give ourselves if not to the One from whom we have received everything. … This thought and the gratitude we owe him for all his goodness to us ought to have frequently occupied our minds and touched our hearts during this year.  –  St. John Baptist de La Salle[1] Have you ever noticed that the most grateful people we know are those … Read More

Lasallian Reflection – The Joy of Gratitude

The Joy of Gratitude November 2018 “Gratefulness is the inner gesture of giving meaning to our life by receiving life as gift. The deepest meaning of any given moment lies in the fact that it is given. Gratefulness recognizes, acknowledges, and celebrates this meaning.”[1] This quotation is by Br. David Steind-Rast, OSB, one of the most articulate evangelists for gratitude, gratefulness, thanksgiving, and all those words that convey a reaching … Read More


Newcomers Folks who are new to the Lasallian world of education and want to learn a little of what this world is all about. There are a number of print materials and videos that provide a quick overall introduction. Educators Teachers, staff members, coaches, and others who have been at Lasallian institutions for five or more years. You would benefit from learning some things that go beyond the basics. Leaders … Read More

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