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Uploaded Huether 2020 Breakouts

Two breakout sessions are now available to be viewed on the Lasallian Resource Center.

HUETHER 2020 – What Innovation Looks Like Throughout Lasallian History

Creativity and innovation have been hallmarks of Lasallian education throughout its 340-year history. From the early decisions that De La Salle and the Brothers made in shaping “The Conduct of Schools” through to addressing the educational needs in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, the Brothers regularly invented new ways of bringing education to those most in need. Examples will illustrate that they were unafraid in creating new methods to fulfill their mission. For them, if necessity was the mother of invention, then mission was the father of imaginative ingenuity. There are a few key principles, approaches, and convictions that will guide us today, so that we may be encouraged and supported in developing our innovative responses to unique contemporary and yet-unknown needs. (Length – 78 min.)
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  • Br George Van Grieken, FSC, Ph.D.
    – Secretary of Lasallian Research and Resources (Rome)
    – Director of the Lasallian Resource Center (Napa, CA).


HUETHER 2020 – Critical Dimension of the Lasallian Charism – Spirituality / Prayer

As Lasallians, we have made major advances in understanding and implementing two dimensions of the charism: mission and community. It is now appropriate to give more attention to the practice of the third dimension, spirituality, integrated with the other two in a world that is increasingly multicultural and religiously pluralistic. The focus of this session will be on experiential and anecdotal evidence, with some reference to scholarly and theological background. (Length – 73 min.)

  • Brother Mark Murphy, FSC, Vice Chair of Operations, Lasallian Christian Brothers Foundation, Napa, CA
  • Gery Short, AFSC, Director of Education Emeritus, District of San Francisco New Orleans, Napa, CA