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April 16 – Our Lady of Good Counsel

Here are some resources that are available online, either via this website or others.


1) There is a short video about this feast, one of a number of such videos on YouTube. This one seems to have been the most popular.

2) Further online information about this feast to Mary ,along with further links, may be found at Wikipedia, WikiVisually, and from this or this webpage, among many that are on the internet.

3) The Motherhouse in Rome has provided  a PDF with the liturgical (Mass) readings and prayers for this Lasallian feast, and a webpage that includes his short biography and links to powerpoint presentations.


Though legend traces this beautiful painting of the Madonna and Child to thirteenth century Albania, from whence during an Ottoman invasion it came miraculously to the Augustinian church at Genazzano near Rome, scholars are now of the opinion that it is probably a fifteenth century fresco painted by Gentile de Fabriano. Nevertheless, countless favors have been granted over the centuries to the faithful who have honored Mary under this title. The nineteenth century Popes Pius IX and Leo XIII encouraged the spread of this devotion, and copies of the painting were distributed to Brothers’ schools and communities throughout the world. Pope Leo granted to the Brothers in 1898 the privilege of celebrating the feast with a proper liturgy.

Our Lady of Good Counsel is appropriately invoked by directors and administrators, as well as by spiritual directors and counselors. The retreat that opened the Thirty-ninth General Chapter in 1966 concluded with a pilgrimage of the delegates to the shrine at Genazzano.