Lasallian Reflection – March/April 2020 – THE THREADS THAT REMAIN

Take care not to let yourself be discouraged by anxieties and ailments; life is full of them. Leave aside all your worry about the present and all your anxiety about the future; occupy yourselves with what you have to do at each moment as it is given to you, and do not burden the day which is passing with doubts about the day to follow. God gives us not only … Read More

Lasallian Reflection – February 2020 – GIVER-TAKER & TALKER-DOER

Jesus Christ compares those who have charge of souls to a good shepherd who has great care for the sheep. One quality he must possess, according to our Savior, is to know each one of them individually. This ought also to be one of the main concerns of those who instruct others: to be able to understand their students and to discern the right way to guide them.     … Read More

Lasallian Reflection – January 2020 – No Boxing Gloves Allowed

Do you instruct those for whom you are responsible with the attention and the zeal God asks of you in so holy a work?  By your good conduct, be worthy of this distinguished role. Act in such a way that your life may begin today to be holy, and edifying and continue to be such in the future.                         … Read More

Lasallian Reflection – November 2019 – Gratitude’s Abundance

Photo by Rosie Kerr on Unsplash To whom ought we to give ourselves if not to the One from whom we have received everything. … This thought and the gratitude we owe him for all his goodness to us ought to have frequently occupied our minds and touched our hearts during this year.  –  St. John Baptist de La Salle[1] Have you ever noticed that the most grateful people we know are those … Read More

Lasallian Reflection – Oct 2019 – The Synergizing Prerequisite for Genuine Education

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash Example makes a much greater impression on the mind and the heart than words, especially for children … They are led more readily to do  what they see done for them than what they hear told to them. –  St. John Baptist de La Salle[1] October 13th will see the canonization of John Henry Newman here in Rome, where I am right now for a couple of … Read More

Lasallian Reflection – Sep 2019 – The Dance of Grace & Faith

Photo by Andrew Seaman on Unsplash Applying ourselves to the presence of God is a most useful practice; be faithful to it.  –  St. John Baptist de La Salle[1] There has been a lot of press over David Brook’s new book, The Second Mountain. In one section, he talks about how “grace” is, or becomes, a part of our lives. Grace, he says, is not the result of a rational … Read More

Lasallian Reflection – August 2019 – Our Encounters [insert verb] Our Vocation

The remembrance of God’s presence will be a great advantage in helping you and in inspiring you to do all your actions well.  –  St. John Baptist de La Salle[1] Like De La Salle himself, we keep coming back to that central, shimmering, pregnant insight about remembering God’s presence in all that we see, do, and pursue. Christ dwells in the midst of the daily tasks, encounters, decisions, and experiences … Read More

Lasallian Reflection – July 2019 – Remaining In God’s Presence

All you need and all God wants of you is that you remain in his presence.  –  St. John Baptist de La Salle – [1]   The quotation above is from one of the few letters that we have from the thousands that De La Salle wrote.  While it is only one sentence out of a long letter – and the letter’s tone is definitely 17th century French spirituality – … Read More

Lasallian Reflection – June 2019 – What Will You Do This Summer?

I do not like to make the first move in any endeavor. … I leave it to Divine Providence to make the first move and then I am satisfied. When it is clear that I am acting only under the direction of Providence, I have nothing to reproach myself with. When I make the first move, it is only I myself who am active,  so I don’t expect to see … Read More

Lasallian Reflection – May 2019 – Why Lasallian Education Endures

Be convinced that, provided you are willing, you can do more with the help of God’s grace than you imagine.”  –  St. John Baptist de La Salle – Why is it that this particular educational vision and approach–what we call Lasallian education–has stood the test of time, going strong 340 years down the line. What is it about this unique educational movement that has allowed it, has driven it, to … Read More

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