Lasallian Reflection – November 2018
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The Joy of Gratitude November 2018 “Gratefulness is the inner gesture of giving meaning to our life by receiving life as gift. The deepest meaning of any given moment lies in the fact that it is given. Gratefulness recognizes, acknowledges, and celebrates this meaning.”[1] This quotation is by Br. David Steind-Rast, OSB, one of the most articulate evangelists for gratitude, gratefulness, thanksgiving, and all those words that convey a reaching … Read More

Lasallian Reflection – October 2018
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A Few Daring Plunges October 2018 The vibrancy and noise of online social connections—today’s virtual bacchanal for eager minds and silent eyes—reflects a deep human need for, and appreciation of, connection and belonging. But we know, or should know, that such thin connections are no substitute for the unpredictable richness of even the most fleeting of real human encounters. And without realizing the difference between the two, device-based habits may … Read More

Lasallian Reflection – September 2018
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  Soul for Soul September 2018 As the school year commences, we might do well to recollect – bring back to our attention – what we are about simply as educators, let alone as Lasallian educators. Our purpose dwells more in the realm of virtue and its emergence than in the realm of utility and its application. Our context is more a web of relationships than an org chart of … Read More

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