There is a new PDF prayer resource that has been provided by the Lasallian South Asia District (LASAD) for use by all Lasallians. Containing daily liturgical details, the daily saint, and daily scriptural readings, each reading accompanied by a thoughtful reflection that was written by various Brothers from around the world. It is a resource that is a welcome and helpful addition to every Lasallian who is interested in deepening … Read More

The Leavening Project

In January 2023, the General Council of the 46th General Chapter released the “Leavening Project”. This document and worldwide project is provided as a way to “deepen our commitment to what the 46th General Chapter indicates to us with great clairty, strength, and prophecy.” It is provided as a means to “continue to grow in the many experiences of fraternities, communities, and other vibrant intentional experiences that have known how … Read More


A PDF booklet provides the results of the 2021 International Lasallian COVID Study. It was sent to all Lasallian institutions in 79 countries. The report provides a global overview of the pandemic’s impact and of the responses it evoked in the areas of pedagogical management, institutional management, school management, and financial management.

Groups of scholars from Lasallian universities in various parts of the world analyzed the data and provided their conclusions, insights, and recommendations.

Resources from the UK

There is a new page on the LRC website that provides links to prayer and Lasalian formation resources that were produced by Lasallian Partners and Brothers in the United Kingdom. Also included are the books that were written by Br. Nicholas Hutchinson. Most of those are prayer resources that may be easily adapted to different circumstances. LINK

New Lasallian World Map

Two new maps of the worldwide Lasallian educational community have been created. One shows Lasallian locations and statistics. The other includes hand-drawn images of Brothers involved in a variety of scenes in their ministries. Either map may be downloaded as a PDF file. There is also a link to an interactive Google Map of all the specific locations.

World Day for Consecrated Life – Brothers Videos

A group of twelve De La Salle Christian Brothers have provided videos and statements answering “what it’s like to be a Brother in the time of COVID19?” The answers range from Singapore to Pakistan to South America to Africa. A wide range of answers and perspectives, but all around the same vocational journel. Go HERE to watch and read them.

“Quaranteen Voices” Released

Student Filmmakers & COVID   Wednesday, January 27, 2021, is the premiere of “Quaranteen Voices” – short films that were created by Lasallian students about the experience of COVID in their lives. A trailer is located HERE, and the website is this one: https://quaranteenvoices.com NOTE: You must RSVP for this premiere HERE. Based on the input of those who have viewed pre-release versions of these short films, they are eminently worthwhile and represent … Read More

Uploaded Huether 2020 Breakouts

Two breakout sessions are now available to be viewed on the Lasallian Resource Center. HUETHER 2020 – What Innovation Looks Like Throughout Lasallian History Creativity and innovation have been hallmarks of Lasallian education throughout its 340-year history. From the early decisions that De La Salle and the Brothers made in shaping “The Conduct of Schools” through to addressing the educational needs in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, the Brothers … Read More

Lasallian Advent Calendar

Check out the Advent Calendar that features a variety of Lasallian videos. Each day provides a video that you may not have seen. One will be revealed on each day of Advent, so come back and see what shows up.

New Institute Documents

We have been provided with a host of new documents from the Institute during the year of 2020. They cover a variety of important topics and are the result of much study, reflection, and thoughtful writing by international groups of Lasallians. Each document enhances a deeper  understanding of the Lasallian vocation and Lasallian family as it exists in a contemporary context. They may profitably be read by both individuals and … Read More

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