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There are many Lasallians who have heard groups of Brothers or others sing the “Honneur a Toi” – a song composed for John Baptist de La Salle’s beatification in 1888, very probably by a “Brother Idelphus” who most likely also wrote the tune. Others have said that the tune was an old French bar-tune, but it’s probably best to retain a more pious provenance. One president of a Lasallian school … Read More

What We Are About

This is a quick overview of the Lasallian Resource Center, it’s purpose, background, and outlook. The LRC website was launched on August 1, 2016. The image to the left seemed evocative of the rich beauty and substance of the Lasallian educational heritage that lies somewhat hidden behind the daily concerns of our lives. We hope to be able to help lift the fog a little. Purpose The purpose of the Lasallian … Read More

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