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Connecting Educational and Spiritual Heritage

The Lasallian Resource Center is a ministry of the District of San Francisco New Orleans. It was established to organize, develop, and distribute resources that connect those within Lasallian ministries to their educational and spiritual heritage. As such, any and all things that help deepen appreciation of that living tradition within today's context are sought and shared.

In line with the 45th General Chapter’s call for “formation for all,” this Lasallian Resources website is provided as a reference for those with Lasallian leadership and formation responsibilities, along with all those who may be interested in learning more about the Lasallian mission. The website provides a largely comprehensive listing of the broad scope of resources currently available through print or online means, along with ways to obtain them. Resources are inert building blocks for Lasallian orientation or formation efforts and require thoughtful integration into orientation, training, or formation programs.

It is finally the responsible Lasallian leader, teacher & formator who chooses and integrates the most appropriate components into his/her orientation, formation, or educational programs.

From the 45th General Chapter

Proposition 28: “That each District will strengthen or create formation programs for the Lasallian mission for formation personnel, Brothers and Partners...”

Proposition 32: “That Regions and Districts ensure the best use of resources in order to provide quality formation and accompaniment of Brothers and Partners.”