The navigation on this website is pretty simple and intuitive. But it is also helpful to have a little bit of guidance as you begin to explore the possibilities. This page serves to guide you to where you can begin to explore the resources that fit your interest or experience. The website will grow and evolve over time, expanding its range of resources and introducing new elements as they are developed.

Some general things to know:

  • The Lasallian Resource Center logo on each page will always take you to the HOME page.
  • The CATEGORIES KEY gives an overview of all the "tags" that have been provided for each resource.
  • The SEARCH PAGE provides a way to find those resources that you already know about or groups of resources with particular characteristics.

There are five general "Audiences" that have been kept in mind when categorizing the Lasallian resources on this website. The best way to start exploring is to do so according to your level of experience or interest in all things "Lasallian." Choose one of the options below to see the recommendations for each grouping.

Folks who are new to the Lasallian world of education and want to learn a little of what this world is all about.

There are a number of print materials and videos that provide a quick overall introduction.
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Teachers, staff members, coaches, and others who have been at Lasallian institutions for five or more years.

You would benefit from learning some things that go beyond the basics.
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School leaders, trustees, and others who know the Lasallian world already but want to go a bit deeper.

These resources are more in-depth and relate especially to leadership positions.
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Individuals who are responsible for leading Lasallian formation efforts in an educational institution.

These are resources both for yourself and for your ministry in the school.
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Those with a serious interest in Lasallian studies or research, including history, pedagogy, spirituality, etc.

Much solid research and writing is available for serious consideration.
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