Buttimer Institute of Lasallian Studies

A three-year set of two-week summer courses that focuses on the Lasallian founding story, De La Salle’s educational vision, and De La Salle’s spiritual vision. It seeks to deepen the participants’ association for Lasallian mission and provides a rich opportunity to meet and study with Lasallian from throughout the US/Canada Region and the world.

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District Workshops and Retreats (SFNO)

Workshops, retreats, and meetings of common-interest groups within the San Francisco New Orleans (SFNO) District.

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Advanced Degrees in Lasallian Studies

Formal studies in Lasallian studies are available at both Saint Mary’s University and Saint Mary’s College of California. (Link through each institution’s name.)

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Lasallian Research Symposium

An annual gathering of Lasallian college and university scholars in Minneapolis, sponsored by Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota.

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Br. George Van Grieken, FSC – Workshop & Retreat Resources

These are PDF handouts, Powerpoint presentations, Papers and other resources that were used in presentations, workshops, or retreats conducted by Br. George Van Grieken, FSC. They are provided at the links below.

Huether 2015 Breakout – “Formation for All” – Building the Local Lasallian Community

Huether 2016 Breakout – “Confronting New Poverties” – Foundational Principles from the Lasallian Heritage

Huether 2017 Breakout – “Lasallian Formation in an Age of Technology” – Foundational Insights & Help

LASSCA 2011 Breakout – “Lasallian Vocation – What Is It & Why Should I Care?”

LASSCA 2017 Breakout – “Lasallian Formation Resources and Needs”

LASSCA 2018 Breakout – “Educational Formation in an Age of Technology: Issues & Insights”

Advent 2017 Retreat (Contacts/Aspirants) – “The Spiritual Self in a Social Media World”

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