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Lasallian Themes – VOLUME 2

This is a three-volume collection of 99 Lasallian themes. They cover a variety of Lasallian themes and topics, written by Lasallian scholars and authors. The 33 themes in this VOLUME 2 are arranged alphabetically, starting with the theme of  “BROTHER’S DRESS” and ending with the theme of “WORLD AND RELATIONS WITH THE WORLD.”

LINKS to the individual articles for VOLUME 2 may be found in INDIVIDUAL ARTICLES TAB BELOW.



Those who are responsible for Lasallian formation
Those who are interested in Lasallian research
Lasallian History, Lasallian Education, & Lasallian Spirituality

A Little More Information

The 33 articles are available on the next tab -> INDIVIDUAL ARTICLES

This set of three volumes covers a wide variety of terms, themes, and topics found in the writings of John Baptist de La Salle and his spirituality. Each of the terms, themes, or topics is covered extensively, with solid references to De La Salle’s own writings across his entire corpus or written works. They were published between 1992 and 1997 and consist of 99 articles.

Date of Publication: 1995

Publisher: BROTHERS OF THE CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS 476, Via Aurelia – CP 9099 Aurelio – 00165 Roma Italy

The printed volumes are available from Mr. Abraham Tesfai at the Generalate in Rome (atesfai@lasalle.org)



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